Hospital Bill Audit


Identifies Overcharges, Validates Undercharges

Industry-acknowledged validation expertise and dynamic screening algorithms set HealthMind Hospital Bill Audit (HBA) apart. Our thorough process also helps prevent claim disputes by ensuring contract compliance. In short, choosing HealthMind for HBA services adds up to savings and ensures compliance with payment policies.


Not all claims are strong candidates for HBA — dynamic, data-driven screening is key. Because HealthMind tracks all claims statistics we know which ones yield the best success rate for each unique provider. Once screened, claims are referred to our expert audit team where they are carefully compared for accuracy against the patient health record using computer-assisted tools to maximize efficiency and record finding details. Our team works to secure sign off on a settlement agreement. In addition to providing an opportunity to recoup revenue and confirm contract compliance, this process may also uncover flaws in the coding and/or billing process and provide important site feedback that could minimize future disputes.  Clients have used our finding details to amend their existing contracts. We are so confident in the quality of our services, we provide our clients and their providers with shared and detailed audit findings. This data is collected in an efficient and standardized tool that feeds our Dynamic Discovery™ processes.


How it works: 

  • Dynamic algorithmic methodology screens for suitable claims

  • Provides onsite line-item review by RN, CMAS that identifies overcharges and validates undercharges

  • Secures settlement agreement sign-off
  • Provides a detailed audit findings report 
  • Provides a compelling and easy to understand ROI