iBill Review


Prepay Claim Review


HealthMind performs itemized bill (iBill) reviews for pre-pay audits on select claims that can substantially reduce bill totals and prevent unnecessary loss of revenue. iBill Reviews have long-term benefits as well. Uncovering flaws in claim processing often results in better contracts and billing practices.

The ReThink™ platform automatically prioritizes claims best suited for this service among the suite of services available.  Once selected, the iBill is thoroughly reviewed to ensure that all charges are correct and relevant. Attention is given to policy  guidelines, where HealthMind uncovers errors such as those for unbillable “routine medical supplies”. Once the audit is performed, the results and an explanation of charges are supplied to the payer. The bill is then paid at the discounted rate.  



how it works:

  • Pre-pay audit
  • Inpatient, Contracted & non-contracted claims — Medicare language — Medicare guidelines
  • No medical records needed
  • Provides a compelling and easy to understand ROI