Overpayment Collection Services


HealthMind's mission is to minimize the need for recovery services. Our priority is to ensure that claims are paid correctly from the start.  That said, in some instances post-pay services are necessary and appropriate. Within that process, our platform ReThink™ provides in integrated pre- and post-pay workflow within a totally seamless environment with dynamic discovery shared in a continuously looping data analytics design. When possible, HealthMind recommends clients implement offset capabilities within their claims processing systems. When that is not possible, or if the client does not have in house recovery capabilities, HealthMind provides highly effective revenue recovery services that help recoup payments made on incorrectly billed claims and realize savings. Our consistent professionalism and unique approach has earned us an 85% successful collections record.



Successful recovery begins with providing a detailed summary of any overpayments to the provider.  We also recommend taking advantage of our provider portal, which details these findings online and can be linked to your existing provider portals.  Follow up recovery takes more than a firm phone call. Because providers already manage many time demands, HealthMind strives to make the recovery process as easy and non-confrontational as possible. This means taking the time to fully understand each claim, presenting findings efficiently and working transparently to resolve each claim with the provider; all which results in faster settlements. Our goal is to deliver results while preserving good working relationships.


How It Works:

  • Recovery letters, including a detailed explanation of overpayment and next steps, are sent out within 48 hours of receiving claim
  • A phone call is made within 48 hours to verify receipt of the letter
  • Provider portal which details specific claim overpayments and reasons for the overpayments
  • A repository of all related communications
  • Well trained, knowledgeable and bilingual Recovery Specialists manage the process through resolution and final collection